Maiduguri, Borno

Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state in North Eastern Nigeria is fondly called Yerwa by its locals. There's a huge sense of pride that can be seen immediately when a local says Yerwa. It is with this same pride I present my products to the world. Authentically, Yerwa's.


Yerwa Secrets began with a deep passion for scents. I created Yerwa Secrets with a profound vision and desire to share the beauty and splendor of Yerwa's authentic scents and the deep culture and techniques that inspire my creations while keeping it grounded by tradition and backed by science.

At the very core of Yerwa Secrets is Authenticity, Quality, and Community. All our products are our formulations rooted deeply in traditional techniques passed on from many generations. Every single Yerwa Secrets  product is made with the modern consumer in mind who is concerned about safety and the environment.

Burning Incense is much more than the scent to me. It is a ritual I got accustomed to that helps me release bad energy. I find burning incense an instant mood lifter. Yerwa Secrets is an opportunity for me to share the beautiful scents and culture I grew up experiencing and encourage others to take time for self care through this means.